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Introducing the High-Efficiency Dehumidification System that leaves other technologies out to dry.

Introducing the High-Efficiency Dehumidification System that leaves other technologies out to dry.

US Department of Energy and Department of Defense
US Department of Energy and Department of Defense

Winner of the 2016 Department of Energy FEMP JUMP Nationwide Energy Efficiency Competition, as well as the 2014 Department of Defense ESTCP Global Energy Effeciency Competition, Conservant System’s High Efficiency Dehumidification System (HEDS) is currently reducing dehumidification related chiller plant and boiler plant energy consumption by 40% to over 60% while reducing or eliminating biological growth and the associated health, wellness, productivity and hazmat remediation expenses. For retrofits or new construction no other technology compares in efficiency, simplicity, reliability and sustainability.

HEDS can be the most cost effective solution for owners where humidity control and energy efficiency are mission critical to life safety and corporate bottom lines.

up to 40% cooling load reduction
conservant systems
100% reheat load elimination

40% to over 60% chiller plant and boiler plant energy consumption reductions related to the dehumidification process.

HEDS persistent value is realized in the following areas:
  • Improve HVAC system resiliency
  • Reduce RH-control energy consumption by 40% +
  • Reduce biological growth
  • Improves chiller plant efficiency
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Minimize system downtime
  • Control long-term expenditures
  • Increase comfort & productivity
  • Reduce HAI'S
  • Reduce Maritime Corrosion
  • Renewables friendly
  • Improves infrastructure capacity
  • Reduce water & chemical use
  • Improves chiller plant effective capacity by 20% +
  • Enhanced energy efficiency incentives
  • Reduce fossil fuel use
  • Save precious resources
  • Make people happier
  • Improve health care outcomes
  • Eliminate "Low Delta-T syndrome"
  • Built-in FDD system improves sustainability

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Global Markets Served

Manufacturing Facilities Pharmaceutical & Hospitals Military Facilities
Laboratories & Clean Rooms Commercial Office Government Facilities
Chip Fabrication Facilities Libraries & Museums Detention Facilities
Barracks & DFACs Retail Space University Campuses
Casinos & Gaming Convention Centers & Hotels Aircraft Hangars
Churches & Religious Facilities Radiantly-Cooled Facilities Ships & Naval Vessels
Data Centers K-12 Facilities Community Colleges
Most Facilities Requiring Non-saturated Supply Air to Reduce Potential For Biological Growth or for Space Relative Humidity Control including, Turbine Air Inlet Cooling, HVAC Systems Using Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems, HVAC Systems Using Under-Floor Air Distribution Systems and Chilled-Beam Systems.
Sustaining environmental impact from the inside out.

At the core of Conservant is a passion to impact people and planet for good. We utilize our technologies and processes to improve health, wellness, productivity and product quality, while preserving our planet’s resources and making all environments a safer, better place to be, inside and out.

Every dollar we help you to save empowers your organization.

With energy savings that typically exceed 40%, we provide clients with “found money.” It wouldn’t be a stretch to say our technology is a cash delivery system that provides our clients with new financial resources to use as they wish, while empowering them to be more compliant. Learn More